Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Skydiving Birthday

So Lauren turned 18 on this gloriously beautiful of days (0ctober 19, 2012), and because of groupon I was able to take her Paragliding. Lauren is much crazier than me and someday wants to jump out of a plane and plummet to the earth. While this is totally her prerogative  and I will not be joining her on that day I knew I could handle this (by the way Paragliding is TOTALLY something i want to try someday).

The conclusion from this day was that paragliding is really fun, and that in october in the early morning, we all should have worn a lot more clothing because it was a little more than chilly.

This is Lauren, the always fashionable, wearing her electric blue ball gown.

Moving to Utah County

While living at home has been much more pleasant than expected, I'm OUTTA THERE! I'm planning on moving to provo here at the change of the semester, and I have two reservations... numero uno: money. Man how I hate money. It's clear by my choice of study that money has never been very important to me (the first major I chose was being an art major, now I'm an elementary education major- I am ridiculous). I worry about the cost of living because for a year now I've been living at home. I LOVED living in Logan though, and have made the best friendships of my life there-- side note, it is currently my dream that I can convince all of my Logan friends (and their future husbands) to live on the same street as me and we can all be best friends FOR-EV-ER. ANYWAY, I hope to make friendships down south as great as the ones I made in the north. Numero dos: This will sound silly, and the opposite of the popular female position, but I do not want to live in the marriage capitol of Utah. Not into the whole dating scene. I'd like to stay relatively unnoticed. I'm finally starting to enjoy dating every few months to a year. People say I'm lying to myself. FALSE. I'm a weirdo and I legitimately just like feeling the absence of awkwardness of dating. It's nice to enjoy friendships and not have to think about things getting all intense and annoyingly achey in the chest region when things don't work out. I'm currently working on my plans to be a spinster as I am now reaching the age of old hag in Provo years anyway! I'll be cloning my dear dog cookie and soon I'll be learning to knit. I'm not sure it gets more spinster-y than that. Does that not sound enjoyable? ANYWAY-- change is a-brewing in Miss Amy's life and I'm not against it. Should be grand on most counts.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Life at home has been an adjustment. I'm going to school at UVU now and that means commuting. Commuting means adventure. I have also found that communting has that lovely smell found in public restrooms. I found out today that my computer screen is very much broken. It will cost $250 for the cheap method and $370 for the best method. Well, now I have a decision to make... fix it, buy a used Ipad, or (assuming I get a job soon) save up for the coolest of the cool desktop Macbook pros. and that brings us to using that money on things like college. I'm finding my local singles ward to be, well, interesting. Between the "interesting" return sister missionaries, and the boys that flirt with me who I am not interested in, there are a lot of awkward silences desperately thinking of something to say. Also a lot of linger longer cake. As well as peer pressure to eat such cake. Darn my impulse to be polite! there goes that weight I was planning on losing. 2 years ago you wouldn't have been able to convince me that I would miss Logan. well I do. Hoping for my life to pick up in the "ideal category" soon. Spring hopeful... Amy

Sunday, October 30, 2011

When Plans Change

as it turns out, I am moving home to the salt lake valley after this semester comes to an end. Its all a little bittersweet. I'll be happy to be home with family. I'll get to see my immediate family all the time, but I'll also get to see my extended family (and my adorable little cousins) a lot more. It would be nice to save a miniscule amount of money. Unfortunately the bus pass needed to get down to Orem cuts in on some of that savings. It will be great to have my own room though. Not complaining there. Not excited to be a Wolverine. Not excited to be a part of a singles ward that isn't also a student ward. Not excited to not be meeting new people. Not excited to be without my friends. What it comes down to though, is that my Heavenly Father wants me to be home, and I'm going to do it. It may not be high on my list of things I want to do, but I know its His plan for me. So, I'm going to suck it up and do it. Especially because if the past is any indication, it'll happen one way or another, I should just do it the easy way. I really don't want to know what the hard way is, because so far, this way isn't that easy.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I'm on campus, pretty hungry and doing my best not to spend money while not at a grocery store. Well this past week I got out of the habit of bringing food to campus and as a result I am sitting in the Hub, smelling my peers food while waiting for a class to start. Although this may sound like a jam session of complaining, you are wrong. As I smell everyone's delectable food I'd like to put out my own freaky kind of advertising for all the restaurants I love the most. first we must start with training table. I am continually amazed by the amount of people I know up in Logan who have never been here. It's the BEST. Now while i'm on burgers we must talk about Culver's. Um, delish. you canNOT miss out on this place. we have one in Utah and I guess it started in Wisconsin. they have great ice cream, which that on its own would be enough for me, but they also have AWESOME burgers and their fries are amazing. And best of all the have caved to the social pressure of being in Utah, they have fry sauce. yeah. amazing. Now as a foodie my other favorite place to eat, is Farr's ice cream in Fort Union in Utah of course. So for anyone who has been to disneyland and had the pineapple dole whip and thought to yourself, "Man, this is the best. I love it so much I almost wish I could bathe in it. but the only place i can have it is in DISNEYLAND." your worries are over! Farr's has pineapple dole whip. I would live on the stuff if i could. now it is closer to a possibility. anyway, this is a post that could go on for ages. I'll just stop now before I make a scene and start drooling.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Thorpe Wedding

Friday the 9th at 5:00 p.m. Hannah Nelson and Ben Thrope were married. as you can see they are madly in love and are most definitely gonna have a happy marriage. This was the first wedding I have been paid to take photos for! I was very happy to get a little experience under my belt. haven't looked through all of the photos yet. I can just hope that out of the 1,070 photos I took some of them will be treasured.

school days.

forgot my first day of school outfit so this is the second day of school outfit. i love my roommates! they are such good girls! we have lots of fun. we had a crepe party last week and had lots of people over. school and work have most def kept me busy. weirdly enough my favorite class may just be math! i have always hated math but this teacher is great and i finally get it! i am taking institute and finally see how great it is! i can see that i am being blessed immensely because i go. i'm not super stoked about my ward... oh well! mostly girls and a lot of the boys aren't seeming like my type of guy... eh rude. anyway letting life live. not that that phrase makes any sense, but getting thru it best i can.